How it all began...

How it all began...

The MAGMA currency is the currency within world of The Verse, Lairiah. But that isn't all it has been created for, step in the journey of what MAGMA is in it's current form, and where we are taking it in the future.

MAGMA sets out to be a beacon for independents, independent musicians, independent content creators, independent game devs, independent artists, and so much more.

We wanted to create a community for creative individuals and a platform for them to monetize their ideas and creations.

To better understand what we are trying to accomplish, here are some of our products that will utilized MAGMA, offering quick low cost payments across the world.

Explode is our streaming service currently is a proof of concept, allows independent musicians and pod-casters to publish their recordings on the Explode platform. Fans listening can tip the artist, and instantly send MAGMA directly to the artist, all non custodial and peer to peer.

The Verse is a virtual multiverse platform featuring the world of Lairiah and uses MAGMA for the economy. Explode is streaming inside The Verse, exposing the independent musicians and pod-casters to even more potential fans.

The Verse has many ways MAGMA is being used, things like:

  1. Buying, leasing and selling property
  2. Developing and designing 3d games and minting custom NFTs as in game content.
  3. Create digital experiences
  4. Own a virtual business or bring you business virtual.
  5. What you can create is only limited by your imagination.

MAGMA was first minted on the Algorand blockchain and is currently available on the Algorand blockchain.