MAGMA Bot for Discord

MAGMA Bot for Discord

Play to earn SULFUR, then exchange to MAGMA.

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The MAGMA Bot for Discord is a modular system, and you can use it in the minimal state, by just installing the main module of the suite of bot modules.

MAGMA-Bot | Main module includes the entire SULFUR ecosystem, multiplayer games like Tic Tac Toe, Rock Paper Scissors, Chess, Mini Battles, The Walking Dead, and many more.

A full blown casino with a slot machine, poker, 3 card poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and more.

Single player games like Demon Tree, My Storyline, and more.

Run contests, trivias, giveaways, lotteries and more.

Daily rewards, and weekly lootboxes based on role level.

Hire a hitman to kill another user and remain anonymous, pay the hitman in SULFUR.

Exchange system, you will need to purchase MAGMA for your server to have the capability to exchange SULFUR to MAGMA.

To buy MAGMA for your server exchange, please join the MAGMA Discord Server at

MAGMA-Bot Moderation | A complete moderation and administration bot with custom commands, a punishment system with jail, parole and fines. An execution command to ban jailed members.

A complete verification system designed to protect your members from scammers and prevent your server from getting spammed.

eXP leveling system that automatically rewards users with new roles that earn higher SULFUR rewards.

A complete admin panel, and mods also, based on the role if admin, admin tools will be available in the panel. If the user has a moderation role, they will have a moderators panel.

MAGMA-BOT Members | The member's module offers a unique experience to the server by adding various commands that allow members to take actions against each other weather good or bad. For example you could give someone a hug, or a slap.

MAGMA-Bot Helpers | Is adding additional options such as full documentation of commands and a command to setup the roles, channels, categories, MAGMA wallets, permissions. Bot traps, anf much more.

enables future features like global functions in leaderboards, and rewarding top communities with MAGMA every week.

Cross server events and competitions, plus much more.